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  • Increase in-store sales
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Spotzot advertising
The leading location-based retail promotion network

Spotzot makes is easy for retail and brand advertisers to connect with more than 55 million shoppers by location to display offers, promotions and products on leading shopping, search, lifestyle and game apps and web sites.

The largest source of In-store offers from major retailers

Spotzot updates hundreds of thousands of promotions and coupons each week :

  • From 1,100 retail chains covering 15,000 brands
  • At over 1,000 top malls and outlets
  • Across 15 major product categories
  • In 225 metros

Reach consumers most interested in your offer

Target shoppers on their path to purchase through popular shopping apps like RedLaser, GeoQpons and Quick Scan and through partnerships with leading lifestyle, entertainment and game apps. Millions of mobile shoppers await your offer. How are you going to reach them?

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Increase in-store sales
Drive shoppers to stores and close the loop

Use Spotzot’s location targeting to promote your offers to consumers near your stores. You define the proximity—from the storefront to inside a major mall or several miles away. Spotzot’s built-in store locator directs consumers to the closest store, which helps you identify new potential customers that have not likely visited one of your stores before.

Measure foot traffic and conversion

Once the consumer arrives at the store, Spotzot can:

  • Track store visits by geo-fencing store locations and revealing offer codes or details only to shoppers in close proximity to your stores, and

  • Track in-store sales through a unique offer code assigned to Spotzot and entered by cashiers at the point of sale.

Win over comparison shoppers and showroomers

A 2013 study from Texas-based Parago revealed that more than half of smartphone owners compare prices while shopping in stores, a 400% increase over 2012.

Spotzot allows advertisers to target high intent shoppers with incentive offers while they are comparing offers between retailers and online sellers. When consumers use popular mobile applications to scan product bar codes and compare prices, Spotzot compares the consumer’s location with its vast database of store locations to instantly recognize that a shopper is in a specific store. Spotzot can then display a coupon offer from that retailer (or a nearby retailer) that can help make the sale on the spot.

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Reporting & analytics
Mobile Metrics that Matter

Data insights drive intelligent decision making. Spotzot’s comprehensive shopper tracking and reporting enables you to anonymously know who opened which offers and what actions they took by proximity to your stores.

Location, location, location

Spotzot’s location-based analytics track shopper actions based on:

  • Offers opened;
  • Offers redeemed;
  • Products viewed;
  • Requests for directions and phone calls to stores;
  • Email addresses shared; and
  • Shopping activity at competitors’ stores.

Targeting the right consumers in the right location with your offer only solves half of the advertising equation. You need to prove results. Spotzot demonstrates that consumers took action by visiting stores and closing the loop.

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Pay Only for Results

Spotzot enables every retailer to reach the right consumers by location and pay based on performance.

CPA: Cost Per Store Purchase

Performance based on in-store transactions. Requires exclusive coupon, offer redemption, promotion, rebate or product code.

CPV: Cost Per Store Visit

Performance based on combination of offer view and store visit. Requires non-exclusive coupon, offer redemption, promotion, rebate or product code revealed only when consumers are tracked within close proximity of a retailer’s store.

CPC: Cost Per Offer Click

Go beyond the click to benefit from more effective location-based targeting that tracks detailed shopper actions by proximity to stores.

CPL: Cost Per Lead (email address)

Build an email database that creates customers for life.

CPM: Cost Per Impression View

For guaranteed coverage during peak promotional periods like Back to School, Black Friday, the Day After Christmas, etc.

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