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  • 2012 Q1-Q3 Index
Track mobile ad performance across categories
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The Spotzot Mobile Shopping Index measures the effectiveness of mobile offers and advertisements among approximately 1,000 of the top U.S. retail chains across more than 100 product categories and subcategories. The index provides a relative ranking of their mobile lead generation performance and potential based on converting a shopper's interest into shopper (purchase) intent. The index is expressed as the total shopper intent divided by shopper interest multiplied by 100.

The index measures shopper interest based on all the mobile shopping queries received for each product category from Spotzot publishers that include shopping, search and location-aware applications and web sites. Shopper intent reflects a stronger likelihood to purchase based on subsequent shopper actions that qualify consumers. These actions include click-throughs to web sites, clicks that reveal nearby stores and driving directions, clicks on phone numbers to call nearby stores and clicks on coupons viewed in close proximity to retailers.

Request your own Mobile Shopping Scorecard

Retailers and brands can request their own Mobile Shopping Scorecard that contains a more in-depth view of their company's performance relative to an aggregation of competitors including the top performer in each category at: http://www.spotzot.com/shopscorecard.

Spotzot Mobile Shopping Scorecards quantify the potential audience that may be influenced by sponsoring SpotAds on Spotzot's mobile shopping network. Retailers and brands can use their Q1-Q3 2012 scorecard as a benchmark to compare their subsequent performance during the holiday season. Spotzot will make Q4 2012 scorecards available to advertisers in Q1 2013.